Go from 'struggling to find balance' to crushing it.


I’m a med-student-turned-product-marketer… gone rogue. The thread that strings me together? Helping users get the most out of your products by digging into their psychology, and using it to pinpoint and solve their biggest pain points.


My Services

For many startups, strategy gets left behind in favor of tactics because of timing or financial constraints. I want to bring the power of my past in start-up marketing to help your clients and teams do their jobs better, quicker, and easier.

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So you can sell anything?

Probably. But I do make it my mission to implement processes that create structure in start-ups, so that weight is distributed, team members feel valued and not over-worked, and the team’s backup plan has a backup plan.

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Weekly Introspection

Each week, I catalog my insights on meditation, marketing and what it takes to develop into a world-class manager. Follow along to discover new stuff I've been learning and how it all integrates into a sustainable mindfulness practice.

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Hold the hustle

Less auto-outreach. More connection. If you've ever wondered whether all that pitching, email blasting and 'always be closing' burns more bridges than it builds - the answer is: Yes. It does.

And yes - there is a better way.


We weren't just looking for someone to spam people online. I've worked hard to build brand trust - Lin's strategy and marketing tactics really honored that trust.

— Liza Magcale


Love made me do it

I love Toronto. I've watched over the past 8 years how the tech ecosystem has grown.  The leaders and teams I've had the pleasure to work with really make me so proud to call this city home.