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I’m the creator of LINTROSPECT, a digital publication at the intersection of product marketing, tech, and mindfulness. I’m a product marketer based in Toronto, Canada. Currently, I’m studying computer programming.

I have come a long way. From a writer fresh out of pre-med to the Head of Marketing at an enterprise software firm. These past two years, I’ve spent months on sabbatical; cultivating mindfulness, studying meditation. I’ve survived the jungle, a cancer scare, and doubts about whether going back to school to learn how to code would be a wise career move. (Spoiler: I love it and am graduating this April!) 

My experience helping founders grow their startups and growing myself has sharpened my eye for quality products, authentic people, and where the puck’s going versus just seeing where it is today. I no longer have any space in my career for those who prioritize profit at the expense of respecting themselves and others.

I’m deeply invested in the process of getting to know people and solving real problems. Currently, I balance being a freelance product marketer with completing my diploma in computer programming. ❤’s include: reading, podcasts, and the ocean.